Resumes for Undergraduate Dummies, Part II

oppResume Headings
You can use a variety of headings to summarize and chronicle information for an employer. Some examples include:
-Related Projects
-Leadership Experience
-Relevant Experience or Experience
-Relevant Coursework
-Community Service/Volunteer Experience

Resume Sections


-Name, address, phone number, and email address should always be at the top of the page
-Always include area and zip codes
-For current students, list both a college and home address and phone numbers if you are applying for jobs back home. You can just use your college address if applying for positions in Chicago
-Make sure the address and phone number is somewhere you will readily be able to receive notification or calls from a potential employer (i.e. not at home if you will be spending the majority of your time in Chicago)

-Be sure your answering machine message and email address are business-appropriate – if you’re putting your phone number on your resume, this isn’t the time for a hilarious prank of an answering message or using the email address you created in fifth grade
-If you have roommates or if someone else could be answering your calls, make sure to inform them that they should use proper etiquette and relay the messages to you in a timely manner


-Begin with your most recent educational experience. Include the degree you expect to earn/have earned, your major/minor, university, expected date of graduation, and GPA
-Add course highlights as an options (titled “Relevant Coursework”)

-Generally list GPA if it is a 3.00 or above, and carry out to 2 decimal places. You may want to list your GPA in your major as well, provided you have completed more than 1-2 courses in your major.
-List any study abroad experiences or other colleges you have attended for a significant period of time.


-Include academic honors such as the Dean’s List, scholarships, student marshal, or honor societies

-Honors may be listed under a separate heading or as a subsection under “Education”


-Foreign languages, computer skills, and other relevant skills should be included

-List level of fluency/proficiency with languages and computer skills (do not overstate your competence. You never know when this could come back and get you)
-Be prepared to fully communicate in any language you declare to have fluency in. Anything on your resume is fair game for an employer!


-Include any employment, internships, significant campus leaderships offices, volunteer work, and relevant class/research projects
-Include title (including multiple titles at one organization if applicable), name of organization, location, and dates for each position
-Emphasize duties, responsibilities, skills, abilities, and accomplishments appropriate to the position for which you are applying

-Use phrases beginning with action verbs rather than sentences (e.g. “Worked on a team of interns to draft proposals” instead of “I spent this summer working on a team with my fellow interns to draft proposals.”)
-Do not use pronouns in your job descriptions
-You do NOT need to restrict your resume to paid experience! Many unpaid experiences are just as valuable as your paid experiences
-You may wish to separate this into multiple sections such as “Leadership Experience”, “Work Experience”, “Related Experience”, or “Other Experience”


-List college-related activities including student government, student clubs and organizations, fraternities/sororities, and sports activities not mentioned elsewhere

-Be sure to note the offices you held and committee involvement you may have had in each of your activities


-List organizations and the skills and abilities utilized

-Come into Career Advancement and speak with an adviser if you need help deciding if and/or how to include potentially controversial information (i.e. religious or political affiliation, etc.)

After you’ve created your resume, make an appointment at Career Advancement by calling (773) 702-7040 to meet with an adviser and have it reviewed. If you haven’t done so already, this will also activate you for On-Campus Recruiting!

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